Privacy policy

Collecting and Using Information

In the event a user purchases something from the store or contact our customer support, we may collect personal information such as your name, email address, physical address and more. Moreover when a user browses through our website, we store some information automatically such as IP address, operating system details, browser etc. We may use this information to provide you with customized services.

We may also send you regular emails with your permission.


When a user completes a transaction, buys any product, verifies their credit card or conduct any other activity related to the purchase, we imply that you consent to the collection and usage of information. We may also ask for some personal information for marketing purposes and you reserve the rights to allow or revoke the consent.

In case you change your mind after opting into our marketing emails, you can withdraw the consent by sending us an email. You may also click on "Unsubscribe" button that you may found in the emails sent to you. If you need more information about the usage or disclosure of your information, you can send us an email.


We reserve the rights to disclose your information only if it is required by the law, or if you violate the terms and conditions listed in this document.


We host our store on Shopify Inc, a website that provides us with the platform to display our products and sell it to the customers. The information gathered from users is stored through Shopify's databases and storage applications. This information is secured properly by using appropriate security methods.


In the event a user selects a direct payment gateway in order to conduct a transaction, Shopify may store your sensitive transactional details. This information is completely encrypted using PCI-DSS standard. The sensitive financial information is stored only to complete the transaction, and this information is removed as soon as the transaction is completed. These payment gateways follow the standard set by PCI-DSS to ensure the information collected from users is 100% safe. If you want to get more information about Shopify's terms and privacy policies, please follow these links to read more:

Third Party Services

Generally the third parties we deploy on our website are utilized to gather and disclose your information to the extent that is required to conduct the proper functionalities on our website. We do not sell your information to these parties. A user must understand that a few specific third party services such as transactional processors and payment gateways have a specific set of terms and privacy policies regarding the information they need from us to conduct your purchase-related transactions. We suggest our users to read their terms and privacy policies so that you can get proper information about how they will collect or use your information. Some of these third parties may be situated in different jurisdictions so you agree that if you decide to proceed with them, your details may subject to the laws of that specific jurisdiction where that party is situated.

For instance if you are from the US and your transaction is conducted by a third party processor situated in Canada, the information utilized in processing the transaction could be subject to disclosure under the rules and regulations of Canada. As soon as you leave our store and are redirected to the third party store or website, our terms and privacy policy will not be applied to you.


We have included third party links on our website only for the informational purposes. We are not liable for any kind of clauses mentioned in the third party policies. Please make sure you read their privacy policy properly before conducting any transaction with them.


We attempt to utilize proper precautions in order to protect your personal details. We have implemented the best practices to ensure the information is not lost, destroyed, altered, disclosed, misused or accessed.

We also use proper encryption techniques (SSL and other AES-256 encryption policies) to ensure your credit card information is not leaked in any way. The users understand that no any method of information transformation over the internet is 100% secure however we follow appropriate PCI-DSS requirements and even utilize premium standard to safeguard our users’ information. We do not take your information lightly, and follow relevant procedures and policies.


We use cookies to ensure an exceptional experience for our users. Here are some of the cookies we utilize on our website. As a user, you reserve the rights to opt out of the cookies.

_Session_id, unique token, sessional: These cookies help to gather information about a particulat session. This information helps us to deliver a customized service.

_Shopify_visit, no data held: These cookies stay up to 30 minutes of your previous visit to the store. We use these cookies to track the number of visitors on our website. No other information is stored in any way.

_Shopify_uniq: These cookies stay for one day of your visit and is also used to track the number of visits you make on our website.

Cart, unique token: These cookies are stored for 2 weeks. These are basically to collect information about the products you have added into the cart

Storefront_digest: These cookies are utilized to check if the current visitor have access to the website if the shop has a password.


Age Consent

By utilizing the services offered by this website, you agree that you meet the age of majority in your province or state of residence. You also state that you provide us with the consent to allow the minor dependents to make use of the services we offer.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

The users understand that we have all the rights to change any section of this privacy policy without issuing a prior notification so we encourage you to review it on a regular basis. These modifications will take effect instantly after we publish it on the website. After making the changes, we may send you a message regarding the updated policy so that you can review the changes and update yourself about how we collect and use your information.

In the event we decide to merge our store with any other company, we will transfer your information to the new owners so that they are able to offer these products without disruption.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any question, or you need to correct, change or remove any personal information, please send us an email and one of our customer support representatives will get back to you. If there is any issue, you can also file your complaint and we will investigate the situation properly.