Jewelry Sizing Guide

Jewelry Sizing Guide

We have been getting a lot of emails about ring size. Most of the rings are sold online, so we know it’s not possible for our customers to give our products a try before they actually make a purchase. This is the reason we have prepared a ring size guide so that you can choose the right ring for yourself.

Measurement Preparation

Pick the finger you want the ring for, before you start taking measurement. One thing you must remember is that most of the people have bigger size fingers on their dominant hands as compared to the non-dominant one so make sure you take care of this factor.
In order for you to take appropriate measurements, you need to take a few factors in considerations such as keeping the finger at the size that is normal. Environmental factors such as heat and cold may have some impact on the fingers so keep that in mind.

Using String as a Ring Sizer

The process is simple.
1. First of all, just arrange a piece of thread, ribbon, string or simply a strip of paper, and all you need to do is just wrap it around the finger.
2. Take a marker or a pencil to mark the point where the string gets overlapped with the other end. You can also use a ruler having millimeter measurements for more accuracy.
3. Please take a look at the chart to know the actual ring size.